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There are a variety of oral surgery procedures that can be performed by our general dentist. If you require implants, extractions, or even gum grafting, Signature Dental in Algonquin offers these oral surgical procedures in collaboration with an in-office oral-maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Shakeel has a focus on the oral surgical aspect of dental care and strives to provide the best procedures to restore your oral health and function. Our facility offers IV sedation, in-depth consultations, and uses quality materials to better your oral surgery treatment.

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Oral Surgery in Algonquin

No matter your procedure, your oral surgery consultation begins with an extensive review of your medical history and an evaluation of factors that could affect the success of your surgical procedure. Signature Dental is equipped with digital x-rays and CT scans to create mock-ups and models so that patients can see the results of their care before any treatment takes place. Dr. Shakeel and our part-time oral-maxillofacial surgeon collaborate together to create the best oral surgery plan based on your needs and specifications. Our Algonquin dentist is licensed to provide IV sedation and is assisted by anesthesiologist when needed. Our focus is to restore patients’ comfort and enhance their oral health through quality oral surgery procedures and dental implants.

Oral Surgery Treatments at Signature Dental

Dr. Shakeel provides surgery to get patients out of pain. A functional smile can allow many patients to live better lives physically and emotionally. Patients who require bone grafting to allow successful implant placement may be looking towards oral surgery at Algonquin. Simple extractions such as wisdom teeth and decay can also be done with our general dentist.

Our part-time oral-maxillofacial surgeon can help patients who have no bone to support full-arch implants. Together, they provide zygomatic implants, which uses the cheeks rather than the jaw bone to support the implants. This allows patients who may have been underqualified for implant treatment to receive permanent teeth replacement.

Other oral surgery procedures offered include:

  •  Dental implants placement
  •  Bone grafting
  •  Soft Tissue Grafting
  •  Extractions
  •  Gum Grafting

Expert Oral Surgery Procedures in Algonquin

Signature Dental uses the expertise of both our part-time oral-maxillofacial surgeon and Dr. Shakeel to better the function and health of your smile. For comfortable extraction or dental implant placement, contact our Algonquin dentistry today to schedule a consultation.

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