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“The Doctor and his staff are innovative, compassionate and sincerely concerned about the well being of their patient – thorough and truly concerned about the final appearance and medical well being of their patient – if you are pain adverse – they handle it – if you have intricate issues – they solve it – I frankly have been in two dental journals – as a child for a receding chin and once for reconstructive work following a car accident – so I know what I’m talking about. You should feel confident and comfortable with the Signature Dental Group as your family dentistry center.”

J.T. (Harvard)

“Ellen R. I want to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been for me to have you implant two teeth. I was afraid when I first came to see you, but I needed those teeth. The whiole experience was virtually pain free. The fear of having this procedure done was far worse than actually having it done. Dr. Shakeel was very gentle and often asked if I had pain. If you need to have any implants, or other dental work done, I highly recommend Dr. Shakeel. You will not be disappointed.”

Ellen (Algonquin)

I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am here! Your facility and your people are all just wonderful! It’s really clean too!

Dell Chessen

“Thank You Dr. Shakeel , I truly appreciate the service I received from you, my family and friends love my new smile, you are a very talented dentist.”

Alexendra Carden (Chicago)

“Thank You Dr. Shakeel. The dental implants have changed my life I can eat and talk very comfortably.”

Mr. John Nadolski

“If you are like many of us and are a bit nervous at the dentist, they do their best to put you at ease. The reception desk is staffed by friendly and helpful employees. The dental hygienist is very skilled and makes your teeth cleaning, xrays etc. a pleasant experience. It had been many years between Dentist visits when I first visited Dr Shakeel and I needed a fair amount of work to be done including extracting a very broken tooth on the first visit. I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently (and painlessly) he extracted the tooth. He also spent time to explain the various options I had for caring for my teeth (I have since had a couple of caps done and a bridge for a tooth I lost years ago). He understood that I had to budget the work and came up with a plan to have the needed work done over the course of a year. I now have a healthy mouth with great teeth and wouldn’t dream of missing one of my check ups. Try them out, I am confident you will be pleased too.”

Gary P. (Crystal Lake)

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Shakeel for about 2 years now. In that time I’ve had extensive work done. I’m currently doing an implant for my front tooth and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Dr. Shakeel and his staff are great and really seem to care about their customers. Update: My implant is complete and my new tooth looks great! It’s very natural looking and the color matches very well. It was my front tooth and an implant in front is a little tricker. The extract wasn’t bad at all. Dr. Shakeel is extremely good with administering shots. Once the implant was in they gave me a “flipper” which is basically like a retainer with a fake tooth. Because my implant was my front tooth I had to wait a little longer than most other implants as the bone in the front of the mouth is thinner. The wait sucks..but now that I have mine done, looking back, it was well worth the wait! I was hesitant to do an implant, but considering all the time and money I spent on procedures trying to save the previous crown, this was something I should have done earlier.”

Scott H. (Elk Grove Village)

“My Wife and I visit Dr, Shakeel on January 8th 2013 for a Consultation of a Dental Implant. Both my Wife and I were impressed of the friendly staff, our feeling after our consultation with Dr. Shakeel, convinced us to set up an appointment. Yesterday was the Day January 23, 2013 !! After spending the entire day with Dr. Shakeel and his staff not only assured me that I made the right decision. To day I have all new teeth it feels great, I am looking forward to have my temporary teeth replaced within the next six months for the completion of my Dental Implants. Age improves with Dental Implants, but most of all, the person who conducts the Dental Implant improves your age, Dr. Shakeel, and the staff of Signature Dental Group in Crystal Lake, sure have improved my life. Oh last but not least I was born in Germany, have been in the USA for over 50 years still have an accent. To my surprise Dr. Shakeel does not have an accent. “

Friedl K. (McHenry)

Life saver. My wife was suffering in agonizing pain for 6 months with a “root canal” that wasn’t done correctly by the previous dentist. Signature Dental found it fixed it and she’s living life again.

Jeff E.

Signature Dental took my concerns into consideration. The procedure was over before I knew it. I felt safe and relaxed


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